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Senior Scenario ?

Calling all seniors 50+!!! It’s funny how when you are a youngster you can’t wait to become a certain age. Over time, we live our lives never thinking about the fact we are aging. The elderly seldom look upon the advanced years as eagerly as we did at (16), (21), (25) or even (30). But, as the saying goes……… “keep living”. Everyone ages differently, but more than anything it is about attitude and well being. This site is designed to bring basic information to those persons who are seniors themselves, their offspring, caregivers or those who choose to acquaint themselves with the aged. While the points generated in these pages seek to inform you, please don't hesitate to explore other resources to obtain more in these senior areas:

Whether you have taken good care of your health all along or you just recently decided to take action; your well being is important. It is dependent upon making the most of what you have, and a determination to improve habits that will promote better well being. As with everything….. you will need to be patient with yourself and continue to work with the change you are seeking. Age, we often hear is just a number, but that number can prevent you from seeking and enjoying life if you allow it to. Baby-boomers are determined to enjoy life at whatever age. We want to be ageless!
Senior scenarios are varied and contingent upon the variety of people and the choices they choose to make. I chose to develop this website to broaden my knowledge of the various experiences involved in the aging journey. Rather than let life just happen; I wanted to improve my point of reference by making myself better informed and to witness most and experience some of what's out there. The information which I have found through my investigation of the various topics, I share here.
Adrienne Walker
Adrienne C. Walker
Senior Scenario Founder