Being a Senior Myself, About Me, Reveals My Background and Why I Took This Journey

To give you a little information about me, I must also tell you that the reason for doing this site was just as much for my benefit as for others. The information which I have found through my investigation of the senior journey and the various topics, I share here on this site. I have also included links which provide further information once you click on them. Read what you find, but also check other resources to come to your own decisions for your life. I wish to bring information to seniors, their family, and their caretakers so that all will be better able to make informed decisions. There have been times when we have had no control because of certain circumstances or obstacles, but now is our time to change and get better control. We've been given a rebirth in planning active senior living for our lives; having choices is a wonderful thing. We haven't always had that pleasure because we were too busy making a living and sacrifices so our offspring could have the opportunities unavailable to some of us. The years have passed and now we can take the time to enrich our own lives. What you do with this time is totally up to you as an individual, but try to focus on something that will bring you fulfillment while reaching out to others at the same time during your Retirement.

Here are a few points about me for your consideration: My educational background is in Health Services Administration with a master's degree from Central Michigan University. I have over 20 years work experience in administration:

State Government - City Government - Private Dental Practice - Non-Profit Organizations

I have approximately 12 years experience working with the elderly: In this position, I planned and performed operational tasks such as determining eligibility, maintained participant\host agency levels, supervised staff, developed and maintained the program's budget, worked to achieve outcome standards and public awareness of the program. I also assisted staff in planning many of the monthly activities for the elderly; some activities were for fun, some informational, while others were to promote interests and options for their lives. I attended annual training conferences to upgrade operational and financial skills to better serve those enrolled and those organizations we partnered with.

Aside from the information mentioned above I also have over 10 years work experience in job training and job counseling. In this position, I worked with various age groups and segments of the workforce. My greatest reward came from working with seniors who often needed help in getting themselves in a position to better their condition through U. S. Department of Labor.
All of my work experience has been in the public arena. I have enjoyed working with others as well as helping others. As social beings, we all need to feel we have something of value to offer others. Inclusive of the groups I worked with were:

Youth - Elderly - Young Adult Mothers
Unskilled Individuals Seeking Training or Better Opportunities

Many boomers have not kept current with the issues and changes which affect all of our lives. In the complex world we live in today it is vital to our well being to be as informed as possible. I, therefore, wanted to share what I have learned to make the senior journey easier for others. Another thing about me is that I truly enjoy exchanging information which I feel may be helpful to others and invite others to do the same.

Since starting this site I have become my mother's caregiver, due to the decline of her health. I knew that at some point I would be the one to shoulder this responsibility, but the call came sooner than I anticipated. I am truly glad that I pursued research on the senior experience before this.

A few other things about me is that I enjoy nature, learning new and different things. Reading is relaxing for me; I enjoy good conversation, exploring different sights and places and I along with two other persons founded a community chorale since I enjoy music as well.