A Car Buying Guide Can Help You In Your Car Search

Bought a car the other day; I am sharing my experience as a car buying guide. No longer do you have to read a number of newspapers or visit several car lots to make your decision. You may, however, choose to visit some car lots to check out the interior of the car, the colors you like,  see how the new gizmos work or just to make comparisons. This is totally up to you. The Internet is the new shopping tool necessary to get the job done; whether you are buying from a dealer or a third party.

You will possibly look at the makes and models you prefer
The value of the car you are looking for 
The value of your present car for trade
Financial institutions for interest rates
Warranties, they can be very expensive

Whatever, you do, do not walk on the car lot without having done your own homework, for it will make for a far better experience in the end.  

In my buying experience, I had previously looked online for the car I wanted, however, I ended up changing because of the height of the car. I have arthritic knees and the car I wanted was fairly low, thus making it more difficult to get in and out of. The Salesman was very knowledgeable and provided information which gave me a car buying guide to something better suited for me. In knowing my credit score (above 800) it gave me a bit more leverage to negotiate the cost. Too I had looked online and compared prices beforehand, and since I am retired I chose a certified pre-owned car which made the car more affordable for me. I felt safer going with this type of car because they have to undergo rigorous testing, inspection and repair. Also, I inquired as to what discounts I would be eligible for and the available warranties to ensure the car’s continued affordability.  After getting these items confirmed I then checked with my bank to compare their interest rate with the dealership. I had previously checked the bank’s rate, but since the dealer was offering a lower rate I wanted to see if the bank would go any lower. Dealers offer discounts at different times of the year, usually at the end of the year or when the new cars come in. Remember dealers are in business to make money; this is why comparison shopping is so important.

Remember, you will have this vehicle for some time and as a car buying guide, you need to limit your cost.  Also, bear in mind that the longer you finance, it will cost you more percentage points. You may be encouraged to finance for 66-72 months, but you need to understand the cost. As a car buying guide's some of the recommended sites for free price quotes include: