The Various Apps Make Cell Phones Easy to Use
Cell phones, how do we ever live without them? They have changed our lives by allowing us to stay in touch with those important in our lives. While seen by some as a luxury, for many it has become a necessity, for "just in case" situations. For seniors they open up a world where there is always someone there to talk to. The list of “ who are you talking to,” becomes endless.

Just like a land phone, it will allow you to leave messages when the other party is not available,thus making it handy and convenient. It also lets the other party know you are trying to make contact with them. By the same token,if you decide you need a rest from the phone, you can choose to turn it off and allow others to leave their message. Should you not know the phone number of a person you would like to keep contact with, most phones record the phone number of the person calling, which allows you to place the number in your contact list, unless the number has been blocked by the caller.

To make your phone more affordable do your homework to get the most economical plan for you. Some plans allow you to limit your calls to save minutes and cost. Avoid paying for more data or text than you use or need by reviewing your usage section posted on your bill. There are plans which contract with you for services monthly (go-go phones), now there are phones which have no contact; you can change to another service at any time. Services on "no contract" phones are much less than the two year contract phone (up to 50% less). Some no contract cell phone carriers, because of competition, will buy out your existing contract if it is cost effective for them. To compare no contract rates before you sign up visit: MyRatePlan.com. Before signing up for any plan, find out if they offer employee or student discounts, because some companies do. Try bargaining with the company on their monthly rates before signing up. Depending on what the salesman's sales status is for  that month, you might get a cheaper rate. Finally, it  won't hurt to ask about waiving one or more of their extra charges, such as activation fee, overage fee,or upgrade fee. Since competition is fierce, you won't know what you can get until you ask. Companies now are offering a different twist of buying vs. leasing of your desired phone. Both forms of financing usually spread out over  24 months or more. The difference is in buying you own the phone at the end. In leasing your phone the cost is less, but you don't own the phone.

Be mindful of the fact, some companies still charge "roaming" fees. These charges are quite significant,and you want to limit times when you incur them. Check your plan to know when does this happen.

Take a look at some of the smaller wireless phone companies, their rates are generally lower. For example:
Consumer Cellular(Consumer Cellular.com)
Straight Talk(Straight Talk.com)
TracFone (TracPhone.com)
Republic Wireless(Republic Wireless.com)
Virgin Mobile (VirginMobileUSA.com)
[Retired Seniors]

Many seniors are intimidated by these instruments, because we may not feel knowledgeable in operating them. No need to worry, there are so many kinds, there surely is one out there just for you. As we age our vision is compromised,often times our hearing, as well as our dexterity. Using those little buttons becomes a challenge. Companies now are addressing those needs by creating or selling cell phones that are senior friendly. Jitterbug another "no contract company" usually have phones who's buttons are easier to use and the usage is simplified for those who are not savvy or electronically challenged. Some others have styles better for seniors, but this company gears its phones for the older set and those who may have physical or dexterity problems.
Seniors are often involved in several senior citizen activities but the majority of us really enjoy using the cell phone to talk with family and friends. You need to know that there are many options and they can do more than providing a means of conversating. Take a look at these options:

They can alert you when it’s time to take your medication
Send a message to your doctor or family in cases of emergency
Track your whereabouts in case you lose your way
Allow you to watch television or videos
Give you directions for your travels
Play your favorite music
Give you the latest weather report anywhere
Allow you to take and send pictures or videos
Calculate that tip for the waitress
Maintain a list of phone contacts and their numbers
Locate your phone should you misplace it
The list of options goes on and on.

Also be mindful that cell phone use electromagnetic fields which can be harmful to the body, like excess x-rays. Therefore if you use your phone a lot; try using the speaker so you don't have to hold it to your ear, or use ear plugs to reduce your exposure. Males should not keep them in their pockets because some studies indicate the radiation may cause low sperm count. Other possible symptoms may include dizziness,  headaches, and poor concentration.

Research by various health organizations around the world, called the “Inter phone Study”, show that the radio frequency from the device and the battery can cause brain tumors. Other precautions according to TTAC (the truth about cancer) you should take for prevention, include:
1.       Text instead of talk
2.       Use the speaker on your phone
3.       Use landline phone
4.       Delay giving your child a cell phone
5.       Talk only when the reception is strong
6.       Shut off wireless devices when possible
7.     Never sleep with a device in your bedroom, especially near your head

As with everything there are good points and negative points in technology and its usage. 
The key again, to buying the right phone for you is to educate yourself as to your needs or usage before you purchase. With so many features and plans it is easy to become confused. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, look at a tutorial or ask for a demonstration. You might want to include your children or a trusted friend before you complete your purchase. This step will assist you in making a better decision. Please note that persons of low income and with emergency situations may qualify for a government cell phone.

What To Do With Your Old Cell Phone
Recycle: Your community from time to time has recycling dates where they take electronic equipment and break it done. Such things as computers, T V's, electronic games, cell phones and other things who's parts might be utilized for other uses. This also helps to keep these things from going into landfills and emitting radiation and other chemicals. Your cell phone store may even have a bin for collecting your outdated phone.
Donate: Different non-profit organizations accept old cell phones for the homeless, abused persons and latch key children to use. They are refurbished so that these persons may have a way to communicate when necessary. They usually have time limits on them except for emergency calls. Check your community directory or 311 to learn what organizations accept cell phone donations.

Swap/Sell: Check online for businesses which will buy your slightly used phone. While the amount you are given for your varies from store to store, it is a good idea to do some comparative shopping. E-bay, Amazon and others have subcontractors who will assist you in getting something for your phone. Also try Swappa.com to see    if you can get a fair trade or purchase.

Other Uses: Beforehand, should you loose your phone  or it is stolen; dial *06# to acquire the phone's serial number. Notify your carrier so the phone can be locked and you won't be charged for calls not made by you.  EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE..... WORLDWIDE THAT NUMBER IS: 112 it can be accessed even if the phone is locked.