Senior citizens are among those afflicted with loneliness and unhappiness. Happiness is a state of being which you the individual bring forth in your own life. This is another one of those things in life you have to do for yourself…….. No one can do this for you.

Happiness, in my opinion, does not mean you are euphoric every hour of the day, but simply content and at peace with life and yourself. Yes, there may be things about life that bug you, but you as a person can’t take on the world and all of its problems and issues. Why should you? You are part of the world, but not the world in its entirety. Look beyond yourself; see that there are other things to occupy your mind. For example, what can you do to make the day brighter, not just for yourself but for others as well?

Too often the elderly person gets weighed down by the disappointments or negative experiences of life. These negative experiences; whether they are relational, financial, or acts of living; if allowed to, will sap you of positive energy. This energy could be put to better use, assisting you in finding joy and happiness which could offset the negatives of life. Instead of turning inward, reach out to others; by joining in activities which make for a lighter and brighter outlook. It may not be easy at first to reach out, but try to connect with those you know that are more in the upswing of things. Plan to join in the coming events of your community, church or other organizations. Are there parks, recreational facilities, senior groups, traveling groups or those you know of willing to explore and develop activities?  You might also invite those you are comfortable with to activities you like to do. Understand that, the more time you spend alone, the more comfortable you become in that state and the less you will make the effort to reach out or get out and enjoy life. Happiness grows with positive, caring people and activities.

Loss is another negative which can hamper happiness. The loss of a friend or relative can be devastating; and mourning is not the same for everyone. Death is a reality of life. However, make it a point to enjoy what you have, while you have it. Having done that will make it easier to deal with your loss. Unfortunately, too often we take for granted those persons and things which make life sweeter. As we move from day to day do not forget the importance of each day. Great things do appen in our lives, and with a grateful…….   
Life is quick to change; like it or not. Change often does not feel like our friend as we age, and we seek to avoid it if we can. How we choose to cope with change can make a difference in how we see the world. Individual growth requires change. When efforts are made to value and enjoy the good of life, being with family and friends or delving into a hobby often allows us to get back up when unpleasant things do happen. Happiness embraces change because it is another reality of life. This balance affords us the opportunity to continue life’s journey with some spark of joy. 

Do not neglect your spiritual self. You now have more time to read or listen to discussions or sermons that can lead to spiritual growth. From early childhood we were taught to “love one another”; now is a good time to practice your faith. As seniors we are joined together by age and need. We are our” brother’s keeper” and that’s a good thing; because many of us need to feel wanted and others of us like to feel the care of others. Getting the two together can most certainly usher in a true feeling of happiness.