Retirement Has It's Privileges And It's Time To Become In-Tune With Self, Reach Out To Others And Those Activities Which Bring Satisfaction.

Retirement is a place which took some time to get to. It is that time in a senior citizen's life where life can bring joy, contentment and satisfaction to those who will allow themselves to evolve. While some may work, it is no longer a prime focus, even when it brings a certain amount of satisfaction. The main concern is how to live your life to the fullest. It is a time of learning to acquire as much information needed to enrich your life.
Explore new and different things of interest to you and share them with someone. Reach out to those in your age group or to the young. One of them might be willing to take the time to help you learn new technology, how to go about planting that garden you never had time for; or you may even consider joining a reading or travel club. Senior groups with a focus on developing skills might just be the very thing to allow you time to spend with those who have similar interests or backgrounds. This is a prime example of retirement . The main point to all of this is to not vegetate and become idle. Learning to interact with others you might be able to develop a hobby or interest which you can share 'how to' or better techniques. Interaction can help to improve your day or someone else's. Interaction takes place through becoming involved and connected to others by joining a group, organization;or through volunteering. Associates are great but, true friends are precious. They accept us as we are, yet tell us things we need to hear for our overall good. So much of our society is hurting at this point in time because we as a society bought into some things which have turned out to be unhealthy for all of us. We look at the television and see people who hoard so much stuff that their place for living is no longer a decent place to keep it all. The economy has wrecked havoc with all of us. At one time society said you had to have this or that to live a full life; then came the credit cards (no limit to spending); you had to have a house bigger and better than your friends, your children had to get into the right school to later have that perfect life. All of this was an attempt to fill the voids in our lives which seemed to get further and further out of control. As a result we are paying for all of this through stress and all types of physical ailments which are being treated with drugs that have all kinds of side effects that further hamper our joy. It appears the pendulum has swung to the extreme. We can now take a deep breath and allow that pendulum to come back in alignment. Life has presented it's challenges and lessons. Hopefully we have learned something through the years which will help us to appreciate and enjoy retirement.

In retirement you have the time to take a good look at yourself and your life to make those choices which will bring the peace and serenity you long for. In looking at your life,you will be better off looking at it as "half full" rather than "half empty". Remember you still have a lot to give, explore, develop and gain with the right attitude. Fortunately, living in these United States we still have choices.

How do you find that place of joy in your world? Make a list for yourself and determine what it is that you need to come to that place of contentment. This list may not come overnight, it may take a bit,but with retirement you have the time to work at it because in the long run you are the one who will benefit from the choices you make.  Now more than ever before you need to get in touch with yourself and learn to love and care for who you are this day.

Caring is an attribute many of us have , even if it is hidden underneath layers of "I don't care", "it doesn't affect me nor mine", "I'm not going to put myself into anything where I might get hurt." Practice stepping out of the box and reaching out. There have been and still are so many opportunities for all of us to care.

How often do you see the homeless as you go through your day, how many natural disasters have we seen which wiped out families and or their belongings, are there elderly persons in your area who would be elated to receive a gift of food, flowers or something you made? Sometimes in loneliness (particularly the handicapped and elderly) people simply want that human contact or just someone to listen. Caring may require you to set things in motion by investigating the steps necessary to accomplish any caring task, but you will be richly rewarded.

Ask yourself,what have you done lately to make somebody else's life better? Volunteering is a great way to accomplish this.

The economy has left many agencies short of needed help because of the lack of funding. In your retirement find ways to make yourself helpful and fill your day. Would your son or daughter welcome your assistance in picking up the kids for them,  do you know someone who could benefit from your time to help them read or learn to read, what about the library in your area, could you spend time helping to re-shelve books, what about checking on that neighbor who doesn't get out much anymore? I am sure through your affiliation with different people, organizations or churches they possibly can help you find a means to make ends meet, or find that niche to make a difference in your community. Ask around!

"Age is an issue of mind over matter, if you don't mind it doesn't matter".  Mark Twain